About BorURL

BorURL is yet another URL shortening service. It's sole purpose in life is to take long and complicated website addresses and convert them into short and usable ones so that you can share them with your friends easier. We've also provided a public API so that you can seemlessly generate BorURLs in your web applications.

Why Another One?

Yes, URL shortening and redirecting is far from original. There are at least 90+ or so other services similiar to this one. The simple answer is that there is no good reason why we created yet another one. We use it for our own purposes, and that was enough reason to build our own.

BorURL was originally intended to be a URL shortener used exclusively by Bordom.net, but has since grown into being a general public service. Feel free to use this service, but please do not abuse it.


BorURL comes with two handy bookmarklets for easier link shortening.

The bookmarklets will take you to a page where you can easily edit or delete your brand new short URL.

If you want to share a description along with the link you're shortening, simply select text on the page you're viewing before clicking on your bookmarklet link.

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